Practical Training

Speeding is one of the major causes of traffic accidents in Ethiopia today. Mac Traffic Engineering by working closely with the Federal Police identified this as a major problem to be immediately tackled in order to reduce traffic accidents on the roads and increase road safety.

In order to reduce the number of speeding incidents, proper law enforcement practices for traffic police is essential. However, Mac Traffic Engineering recognized that in order to support the practical training that is necessary, current technologies, such as Radar and Lidar detectors play an important role in achieving this goal.

With this in mind, Mac Traffic Engineering, working closely with Strategic Safety Solutions of Australia, donated Radar and Lidar detectors to the FDRE federal police. In addition, an on the road practical training of traffic police officers was conducted that trained the officers on the proper operation of the devices as well as the correct procedures on stopping a speeding vehicle.


More Information

Client Ethiopian Federal Police Commission
Name Radar and Lidar Operations
Location Addis Ababa
Brief Donation and training on the proper operations of Radar and Lidar equipment
Start Date 02/02/2016
End Date Ongoing